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While some of our pricing is fixed, other products and services (particularly services) are charged out on an hourly basis. The price of a particular job will then vary with the amount of time applied to it. Please refer to the products and services pages for more information.


The prices shown below apply to ideal circumstances and may vary up or down depending on the complexity and nature of the job. The variations will not be large and the following is a good indicative guide to the cost of your web site.

We recognise 2 distinct stages to web site development - planning and execution - and our costs reflect this.

Web Site Setup: This covers the costs associated with getting the project rolling, and includes things like client contact, concept development, preliminary artwork, and site navigation design. It is on a sliding scale since bigger jobs take more planning.

Web Site Construction: Charged per page where a page is 400 words of text and 4 photos. Once again on a sliding scale, but downwards this time since there is a certain amount of the page construction that can be can duplicated from page to page.

This will give you a guide to the approximate cost structures.

Number Of Pages ---> 1-3 Pages 4-10 Pages 11-25 Pages 26-50 Pages 51+ Pages
Set Up Charge $50 $100 $200 $300 $400
Content Pages (Each) $150 $80 $70 $60 $50


Additionals: Cost
Email Based Booking/Order Form $90
Catalogue Page For 5 Products $150
Shopping Cart For 20 Products or services $700
Standard Photo Gallery Page For 20 Images with image Zoom only (insecure images) $250
DELUXE Photo Gallery Page For 20 Images with separate Page Zoom (equivalent to 21 separate Pages) $450
Search Engine Registration With 30 Search Engines $85

Here are a few examples of what you get for your money:

Content Pages/Frames 15/3 15 25/2 25 30 60+ 600+
Booking/Order Form No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flash Movie Medium No No No Yes Yes No No
Photo Gallery No No No No No Yes Yes
2D/3D Image design Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shopping Cart No No No No No No No
Approximate Cost Guidelines $1'000.00 $1'50.00 $3'500.00 $4'000.00 $5'000.00 $10'000.00 $50'000.00
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If you are planning a full frontal assault on the internet, you really should be looking at building a, Commercial Content Driven Web site see what you can get if you spend beyond, $10'000.


Please refer to our Services section for details of specific services that we offer.

The following are guidelines of our hourly rates:

Service Charges Per Hour
HTML editing and Java Scripting $30
Graphic design $30
Database work, PHP, ASP and CGI programming POA
Personalised training for up to 4 people POA
Web site promotion and on-line tasks POA

Terms and Conditions:

The internet is such a new industry that no real standards and terms have been set. Our general terms and conditions are:

Payment: We ask for 100% prepayment on jobs under $500 in value. Jobs over $500 and under $5,000 require 50% commencement deposit, with the balance payable on completion, and prior to the release of the site. Over $5,000 we institute a mutually agreed progress payment schedule.

Deposits: Your place in our job queue will be held regardless of how much you are spending. We do require a commencement deposit at the start of the job.

Ongoings: We do not rent web sites, we sell them. Although a maintenance contract can be arranged if you wish, we do not charge retainers or ongoings to hide the actual web site cost over an extended contract period. Future work is carried out at our scheduled hourly rate unless other wise stated in our Quotation. Be wary of cheap entry rates and astronomical ongoing charges.

Web site Face Lift package. $ POA

This would be your best choice if, you currently have a site you would like it to be upgraded.

Upgrade Solutions:
Minimum 5 Page site, No maximum size.
Redesign & Build site with Clients.
Add pages with related products & Services.
If needed,Redesign Logo & Images.
Feedback forms for easier communications.
Re-Index to all major search engines.
Online Order / Booking forms.
Maintenance Package includes:
Site allocation & hosting if required.
Full Maintenance. (Key words & search engine indexing)
Changes to page content. (Composure & images)
Page, titles, key words & descriptions.
Professional image & text composure.
Site Statistics (if required).
Hit Counter (if required).
Your choice of any type of text & or configuration.

Premium site package. $ POA

We offer you web sites from a simple, one page "Bare Bones" start-up site and expand your site to suit your needs and budget.

A Great site will generally be "Text" driven and usually will be the most visible site with a high ranking in the major search engines when, keywords are used in Internet searches.

It should be YOUR first aim to "Rank" in at least the first 10 pages of a search engine.

Premium Solutions:

12 months "Premium" Site Maintenance.

Domain Name allocation. ( If required )

Design & Building of site with Frames.

No Minimum Pages.

Personal Banner-add images. ( If required )

Posted to all major search engines.

Flash introduction movies.

Online, Feedback/Order/Booking forms.


Maintenance Package includes:
Setup site Hosting.
Full Maintenance. (Key words & search engine indexing)
Changes to page content. (Composure & images)
Page; titles, keyword, meta tags & descriptions.
Java enhanced imagery & Page transactions.
Mouse over & Active images. (Bottom Left image)
2D, 3D & shadowed images.
Active Java images & scripts etc.
Site Statistics. ( Slows down your site though )
Your choice of any type of text & or configuration.
Counter if required.
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