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In order to give you as accurate a quote possible, please fill out the following information to the best of your ability. Be sure to fill out Section 1 completely so that we may be able to get back to you as soon as possible.
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Section 1: Contact Information.
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Section 2: General Website Specifications.
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This website must be: Transferred from an existing hosting service, with minor alterations.
Redesigned and transferred from an existing site.
Designed using literature that I will provide
Designed from scratch
Other Requirements
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Do you have a fixed deadline for this project ? No Yes
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Section 3: Simple and Static Website Specifications.
If your website does not need any dynamic content, you do not need to fill out section 4.
Approximately how many pages will your website have ?
Which of the following pages would you like your site to have?
Front Introduction Page About Us
Contact Us Products
Our Services Product Catalogue
Links Projects/Portfolio
Clients Testimonials / References
Calculator Latest News
Please list any other pages you require:
Can you provide logos and/or graphics for your site ? Yes No
Do you know of any websites that are similar in design or function to what you want?
URL 1: URL 1: Similar Design
Similar Function
URL 2: URL 2: Similar Design
Similar Function
URL 3: URL 3: Similar Design
Similar Function
Section 4: Dynamic and Database Driven Website Specifications.
Which of the following functions would you like your site to have?
Members/Users Database with User-names/Passwords Message Board
Online Ordering (without online payment) Product Database
Online Ordering (with online payment) Mailing List
Email Contact Form Website Statistics
Classifieds Online Auction
Banner Advertising / Ad Management Content Management
Online Poll / Voting Form Processing
Online Chat Other Needs
If you selected "Other Needs", please describe your needs:
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