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Contact has been established and operating in Sydney Australia since January 1995. Over time, we have progressively completed more sites, with continuing positive feedback from satisfied clients. We have numerous current web sites in place, staff,and offices in Sydney. Madog Media has proved repeatedly that our experience and expertise develops web sites that work - not just talk about it.

We are one of the founders of economical Australian "Web-publishers", we have participated in IT and advisory groups as well as assisting staff in multimedia curriculum development. Perhaps most importantly of all, we have also had extensive experience in the web industry and we also offer Very Affordable Hosting packages to suit your needs.

Our clients' web sites have received top rankings from Alt-vista, Yahoo US, Yahoo Australia, Infoseek, LookSmart, Netscape, Open Directory etc..

We understand our medium and Offer your industry a, "Great Launch Platform" !!!
Our Showcase and Client portfolio are in no doubt that Madog Media was and still is, a wise investment for the future of their business, Some of these sites may now be under their own in-house management.

Think of us as the internet "locals" who will assist and guide you into an often confusing, but always exciting, new marketplace - the internet.

  • Simplicity: We don't hide behind technical jargon - it's all straight talk on a level that is easily understood.
  • Experience: We build web sites full-time when required. All parts of your web site will be built by persons that are experienced and qualified professional in their field - no moonlighting sales reps, no JobStart web page coder, no Work Experience graphic designer.
  • Choice: We will not force you into a templates web site. The design parameters are completely at your discretion.
  • Follow Through: We prefer to forge ongoing relationships with our clients, rather than just delivering sites and then walking away, the decision is yours.
  • Infrastructure: We do not subcontract our work. We have full in-house capabilities for design, construction, deployment and emergency support if required.
  • Pricing: We do not rent web sites, we build & sell them. Although a maintenance contract can be arranged if you wish, we do not charge retainers or ongoing fees to hide the actual web site cost over an extended contract period. Future work is carried out at our scheduled hourly rate unless stated in wrighting. Be wary of cheap entry rates, and astronomical ongoing charges.
  • Confidentiality: Your design concept and deployment strategy will remain strictly confidential, and will not be recycled for use in subsequent web sites for your commercial competitors.
  • Hosting: We do not resell ancillary services. If you require web site hosting or domain name registration, we will work with your existing service provider or put you directly in touch with a commercial hosting service. We know what our core business is - "we build web sites".

Over the past years we have seen other web publishing firms come, and seen many of them go, but we have prospered and grown by providing the right mix of practicality, technology and marketing strategy to our clients. The internet is a volatile industry and only those who can deliver on their promises survive.

As the internet becomes increasingly mainstream, and an increasingly important aspect of business operation, isn't it a better business decision to be with someone that you know will still be there this time next year ?

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