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Domain Name Registration Form.

To Register and Host your "Domain Name" normally only takes an hour, simply fill in the application below to start the process !

The following prices apply for the more popular domain name registries & may change without notice:

Registrations: The registration of domain name, have quite specific rules of eligibility:

Unless a domain name is being applied for by a private individual, the registration application must be placed in the name of the business or company that is making the application.

You must fill in the required Red fields or this form won't send !

1st Domain Name:  www.
2nd Domain Name:  www.
3rd Domain Name:  www.
Registrant Owner(s):  (Who will be the Domain Name owner whilst Registered)
Trading Name: 
Eligibility ID Type: 
Eligibility ID Number: 
Eligibility Type: 
I certify that the domain has a close & substantial connection to the person/business that it is intended to represent.
NIC Handle:  If you don't know what a NIC Handle is, then you won't need to fill this in.
Postal Address: 
State:    Postcode:
Primary e-mail: 
Other e-mails required:  Separated by comma (,)
Purchase Order Number:  If Applicable

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2yrs Bare Bones Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($100.00)
2yrs Snow Gum Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($150.00)
2yrs Blue Gum Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($200.00)
2yrs Red Cedar Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($250.00)
2yrs IRON WOOD Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($300.00)  



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2yrs Bare Bones Hosting Only. ($70.00)
2yrs Snow Gum Hosting Only. ($120.00)
2yrs Blue Gum Hosting Only. ($170.00)
2yrs Red Cedar Hosting Only. ($220.00)
2yrs IRON WOOD Hosting Only. ($270.00)  
Additional Services: 

If any, how many Extra e-mail addresses do you require ?

If any, what is your current MB of web storage space you use/required ?

Other Extras.

If other, please specify: 

e-mail Configuration: 

A default primary e-mail address needs to be set up,

usually something like, info@ or

What would you like Your(s) email to be ?

(separate emails addresses by using a ",")

Have the ABOVE email account(s) made with Hosting for Downloading.

Have all e-mail received at this address and Redirected

       to my current e-mail address of:


Have you filled all the RED fields above ?

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