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The distinction between products and services is difficult to define when it comes to the internet, but our way of looking at things is that when it involves giving advice, or carrying out a task on behalf of our client, it is a service. If we have to 'make' it, then it is a product. Product information can be found here.

We bring you years of internet and business experience to be able to offer the following services:

    • Domain Name Registrations: Use this link to register your own domain name, eg. - - etc... We actually prefer if you using direct forms from the registrant, as you will be directly registering your domain-name through the principle Domain registrant and NOT a third party provider, also it is the FASTEST and Safest method, the bill will be sent to your chosen billing address.

    • Web Site Hosting: We are not an ISP, but we do offer a very Affordable hosting with 99% uptime, see our "ANNUAL HOSTING" with online Technical and User platform interface.

    We can work with your existing web site hosting, the transfer is simple in most cases.

    Our role is liaison and this applies to domain registration as well, ultimately the information you submit is directly controlled by YOU, you can Upgrade or Downgrade your hosting package at any time.

    It's as EZY as that, what could be Easier ?

    Search Engine Registration: Search engine profiling is more about quality than quantity, and our aim is to place your web site where your clients are actually looking by combining effective keyword strategies with an understanding of how the different search engines index their own content. We can offer one-off registrations, regular scheduled re-registrations, and monthly search engine maintenance programs.

    Web Site Promotion: Waiting for your clients to find your web site is OK for some, but as the competition increases, a proactive approach is necessary. Link building, targeted email and newsgroups are just some of the tools of the aggressive internet business person. We can carry out programs for you, or train you to do them yourself.

    Web Traffic Reporting: Although real-time reporting systems are available through some ISP's, the format is often confusing and the underlying significance of the results can be hidden. With access to your server logs, we can prepare weekly or monthly server traffic reports and provide an accompanying analysis of the results. Do you know which countries provide you with the greatest proportion of customers, as opposed to web site visitors? Do you know which pages are being visited, and in what order? Do you know which pages visitors are using to enter your site through?

    SWOT Analysis: Don't get caught short by rolling out your dream web site only to find that somebody has already done it, has better pricing than you have, and has a web site 10 times the size of yours. As with every business launch, preliminary market research is critical to the development of a successful business model and deployment strategy.

    Resource Lists: Do you, or your staff, need an in-house list of web sites that are relevant to your business activity, or provide access to sites that contain information that is needed on a regular basis? Provide us with your requirements and criteria and we find the sites that you need and deliver the results to you as a hypertext linked HTML document that you can store on your own computer. We can also convert your existing Bookmarks or Favourites file into a self-contained multi-page web site.

    Web Site Integration: The release of your web site will involve some changes to your existing operational and office procedures. These can be small things like including email addresses on your stationery, and mentioning your web site address in your answering machine or on-hold message. They can also be significant cost savers such as ensuring that your staff first refer enquiries to the web site rather than mailing out an expensive catalogue or brochure. We can assist with a checklist of important, and often overlooked, integration aspects that will not only make you money, but will save you money as well.

    Back Office: Bringing the internet into your business is just as important as taking your business onto the internet. Learn how to research new product lines and alternative suppliers, how to send interstate and international faxes through the internet at a fraction of the cost, how to harvest email addresses for promotional mail-outs, how to find and use government and statutory authority web sites and on-line services, and the cost and time saving opportunities of BPAY, internet banking and on-line credit card acceptance (without a web site).

Most of these services are charged at hourly rate of between $30/hour and $60/hour, and the amount of time that you would like us to spend on the task is entirely up to you. From experience, we would suggest the following time frames be considered as appropriate:

Task Minimum Maximum
Search Engine Registration 0.5 hrs 1 hr/month
Web Site Promotion 2 hrs 10 hrs
Web Traffic Reporting 0.5 hrs/3 months 4 hrs/month
SWOT Analysis 1-2 hrs 6 hrs
Resource Lists 1 hr 4 hrs
Web Site Integration 1 hr 5 hrs

What's Next?

Send us an email or give us a call on 02 9555 2131, and we can discuss your options. You might think that the phone is a "low-tech" way of communicating for us, but we don't just use technology for the sake of it.

We recognise that many internet users and web site owners are not nearly as internet literate as they would like to be, and we go out of our way to make sure that the whole process is as non-technical as possible. Once you have told us what you need, we will advise you on the best ways to achieve your objectives.

As most of these services involve the need for an integrated approach that generally involves changes and modifications to the web site itself, the successful execution of these services will also require us taking over the management of your your web site.

There are no contracts involved, simply an understanding that if we are to maximise your internet presence, we require a certain degree of control over the variables, one of the most significant being the content and structure of your web site. Unexpected or non-advised changes to the web site by a third party can reduce the efficiency and success of what we are all setting out to achieve.

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