RESERVATIONS with the Bistro.
The Bistro takes FOOD Reservations for the CLARENCE ROOM , ROOF TOP GARDEN & the BISTRO level !

When making a Reservation for a large group, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you have your pre written orders in to us NO LATER than 11:30am of the day, this is so that we can be better prepared for the day & the pre-written orders can be broken down & transcribed on to named meal dockets ....Please DON'T just turn up with YOUR ORDERS & expect to be fed efficiently as it takes quite a while to correctly transcribe a large function into dockets & during this time we STILL have to take Kitchen level orders & food to waiting clients, there also may well be 40+ people in front of your group, especially after 1:00pm ......Please understand that because of our service & price structure, during our busy times there is not enough time to leave the Bistro level to take your orders. Complying with the above will enable us to have food on YOUR table in a more efficient way !

If you have a Large group, we would suggest you use our function Order Form:
Then simply staple them together & pass them around !

Please Note: 100% our food is Freshly prepared on a daily basis !
We do NOT purchase ANY pre-prepared food like a lot of others !

We mainly trade Monday to Friday Lunches, however we can cater for functions outside of these hours, if you require us to cater for your function, simply fill in the form below & we'll get back to you ASAP.

(Your Friendly, Bistro Nazi :o)

Take a look at the CLARENCE ROOM.
Take a look at the ROOF TOP GARDEN.

For Reservation, Please fill out the form below & press SEND.
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