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Domain Name Registration Form.

To Register and Host your "Domain Name" normally only takes an hour, simply fill in the application below to start the process !

The following prices apply for the more popular domain name registries & may change without notice:

Registrations: The registration of domain name, have quite specific rules of eligibility:

Unless a domain name is being applied for by a private individual, the registration application must be placed in the name of the business or company that is making the application.

You must fill in the required Red areas !

1st Domain Name:  www.
2nd Domain Name:  www.
3rd Domain Name:  www.
Registrant Owner:  (Who will be the owner of domain name)
Trading Name: 
Eligibility ID Type: 
Eligibility ID Number: 
Eligibility Type: 
I certify that the domain has a close & substantial connection to the person/business that it is intended to represent.
NIC Handle:  If you don't know what a NIC Handle is, then you won't need to fill this in.
Postal Address: 
State:    Postcode:
Primary e-mail: 
Other e-mails required:  Separated by comma (,)
Purchase Order Number:  If Applicable

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2yrs Bare Bones Hosting Only. ($75.00)
2yrs Snow Gum Hosting Only. ($95.00)
2yrs Blue Gum Hosting Only. ($150.00)
2yrs Red Cedar Hosting Only. ($245.00)
2yrs IRON WOOD Hosting Only. ($345.00)  


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2yrs Bare Bones Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($100.00)
2yrs Snow Gum Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($125.00)
2yrs Blue Gum Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($180.00)
2yrs Red Cedar Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($275.00)
2yrs IRON WOOD Domain Registration & Hosting Deal. ($375.00)  
Additional Services: 

If any, how many Extra e-mail addresses do you require ?

If any, what Extra Mb of web site storage do you required ?

Other Extras.

If other, please specify: 

e-mail Configuration: 

A default primary e-mail address needs to be set up,

usually something like, info@ or

What would you like Your(s) email to be ?

(separate emails addresses by using a ",")

Have the ABOVE email account(s) made with Hosting for Downloading.

Have all e-mail received at this address and Redirected

       to my current e-mail address of:


Have you filled all the RED fields above ?

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